Graco: Vision, Customer Service – Episode 05

Graco: Vision, Customer Service

Every customer, every time. That’s the customer service philosophy of Pat McHale, CEO at Graco. Pat has instituted customer service policies that radically rethink the relationship between business and customer. He’ll explain why these policies work and why 4.5 stars out of 5 just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Pat McHale is the local kid that worked his way up to become the CEO of one of America’s best manufacturing workplaces, according to Forbes magazine. He started working as a machinist when he was a teenager, a job which he used to put himself through college. He earned his accounting degree from the University of Minnesota, although he never became an accountant. Instead, he went to work for the local manufacturer within a mile from his house as a second shift machining supervisor role. Now he’s built a reputation that Graco that extends far beyond his industry and into the minds of customers across the United States.

Aaron Franzen


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