Undocumented Workers: Advice from Immigration Attorney Jorge Molina – Episode 35

Undocumented Workers: Advice from Immigration Attorney Jorge Molina

According to Forbes, over 40% of the US construction workforce is expected to retire over the next decade. The fact is the construction industry faces a workforce shortage and according to Associated Builders and Contractors that shortage is up to 650,000 in 2022. This means every worker is critical including workers that came to our country looking for work. For many installation contractors, migrant workers fill key roles in the operation of their company. But the rules, regulations and liabilities around these practices can be confusing for workers and employers alike. We’ve invited immigration attorney Jorge Molina on the show to chat with IDI’s Business Development expert Ken Allison. They discuss the best practices to protect your employees and your company.

Jorge Molina is the founder of the J. Molina Law Firm in Arlington Texas. He has worked hard to protect and help build his clients’ American Dreams and prides himself in leveling the playing field for his clients. Whether defending someone facing deportation, or a company trying to expand its business.

In this podcast…

3:11 – What type of help are people looking for from an immigration attorney?

6:39 – The long road of immigration court

10:00 – The best advice to give to your undocumented workers

18:29 – “Can undocumented workers operate company equipment?” and other liability questions

21:09 – The importance of the worker’s perspective

25:04 – How business interests could be the key to solving the immigration crisis in the U.S.


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