Today there are billions of square feet of older metal buildings in which the insulation is damaged, or noncompliant with the R-Values of today’s codes. When your metal building is properly insulated, you can reduce the cost of your energy bills, keep out pests and rodents, provide a sound barrier and much more. Discover the benefits of metal building retrofit insulation systems and how you can insulate an existing metal building with advice from the experts at IDI Distributors. 

Why Would I Retrofit the Insulation In My Metal Building?

For many years a low-cost vinyl facing insulation was used in the construction of metal building structures. The vinyl looked good when the insulation was first installed, however, over time it would rip and tear. Today we have several metal building insulation retrofit options to repair insulation facing and potentially add to the energy efficiency of a building. 

Our Metal Building Insulation Retrofit Process

As one of the top national metal building insulation laminators, IDI can provide our customers with all the technical information, equipment and materials needed to complete a metal building insulation retrofit project.  

IDI has six laminating facilities within the United States that offer premium liner systems and various types of metal building repair. With over 55 distribution locations, IDI can efficiently provide products anywhere within the continental United States.  

What IDI Has to Offer

IDI offers a wide selection of industry-leading metal building insulation retrofit options. See what we have to offer and discover what product meets your insulation needs. 

  • Standard laminated metal building insulation (R values of 10, 11, 13, 16, 19, 20, 25, and 30).   
  • 11 different high-quality facings for the fiberglass insulation. Each facing is designed to meet the needs of each application.  
  • Fabric liner system products.  IDI carriers Simple Saver, MB Safety Liner and Energy Craft. 
  • Rigid board insulation
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Reflective insulation

Retrofitting Makes A Difference!



Common Questions About Retrofitting Insulation

At IDI, we work for you. If you have any questions or are in need of training on how to insulate an existing metal building, contact your local IDI Distributor location for support. 

When installing new insulation should I remove the old insulation? 

  • We would only recommend removing the old insulation if the insulation is wet, or may contain mold. In most cases, the new insulation can be installed directly over the existing insulation. In most cases, the existing facing will have tears, but if not, we recommend making some small cuts into the existing facing—this will prevent the two vapor barriers.    

Can a building owner perform a DIY insulation project?

  • Maybe, but we always recommend an insulation contractor or someone who knows and understands metal building systems. Every metal building is specifically designed to meet the local building standards and use codes.  It’s imperative that any repair does not affect the engineered integrity of the existing building.    

Can IDI provide the labor and the materials?  

  • IDI is a material supplier only. However, we can provide the name of local insulation contractors that can provide labor to install the products.  

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