As THE nation’s most trusted SealTite Pro spray foam distributors, our IDI teams nationwide are committed to providing customers with industry-leading products and expertise. We offer a large selection of SealTite Pro open and closed cell spray foam, all of which expand to close up even the smallest opportunities for energy waste. When insulating with SealTite Pro spray foam, you are virtually eliminating any areas where energy — and dollars — are escaping.

Today’s rising energy costs are putting an increased focus on sustainability, which has resulted in a higher demand for spray polyurethane foam in commercial and residential insulation jobs. Better insulation will result in less energy use while helping homeowners and their families maintain a comfortable living environment.

From small jobs to large, IDI will help you find the right SealTite Pro spray foam for your construction project.

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Review the graphic below to find Carlisle products and their new correlating SealTite PRO name, description and weight. Then get more information on your SealTite Pro product of choice below.

SealTite Pro Open Cell

SealTite Pro Open Cell foam is a two-component system of polymeric isocyanate “A-Component” and a resin blend “B-Component. It’s an open cell foam intended for application in residential and commercial structures for insulation and sound attenuation.

This foam insulator can also be used as a moisture and air barrier, as well as a thermal insulation system on the building’s interior or exterior units. It’s ideal for insulation and noise reduction and does not act as an ozone-depleting agent.

  • R-Value: 3.7 @ 1”; 13 @ 3.5”
  • Core Density: 0.50 lb/cubic foot
  • UVA Compliant* Open Cell
  • No Ignition Barrier Coating required when used in assembly-specific attic applications

SealTite Pro Closed Cell

The SealTite Pro Closed Cell foam is specially formulated for cold weather insulation purposes. It’s self-adhering and can be used to create a secure moisture and vapor barrier for interior or exterior building applications. SealTite Pro Closed Cell is an effective insulation choice you can rely on to reduce air, dust pollution, and pest infiltration on your projects. This spray foam system utilizes rigid polyurethane foam for maximum air sealing capabilities and noise reduction in even the harshest cold-weather climates.

  • R-Value: 6.9 @ 1”; 21 @ 3”
  • Core Density: 2.0 lb/cubic foot
  • Standard 2.0 LB Density Closed Cell foam
  • Entirely EPA-approved: Meets all International Code Council (ICC) building codes

SealTite Pro OCX

SealTite Pro OCX provides high-quality spray foam that contains +/- 14% bio, renewable, recycled and sustainable content. It was designed for use in assembly-specific attic applications without the need for Ignition Barrier Coating — so your projects can run smoother with less work and resources.

  • Assembly Specific attic applications.
  • R-Value: 3.7 @ 1”
  • Core Density: 0.50 lb/cubic foot
  • Meets Appendix X. No Ignition Barrier Coating required when used in assembly-specific attic applications.
  • Contains +/- 14% bio, renewable, recycled and sustainable content

SealTite Pro One Zero

The SealTite Pro One Zero is an industry-leading foam made with HFO technology that results in a higher yield versus other HFC products. It is one of the highest-performing spray foam products that’s been innovated for environmentally-friendly spray and use — great for large volume contract insulation work! The facts are in the name; SealTite Pro One Zero has an Ozone Depletion Potential of zero and a Global Warming Potential of less than one.

  • R-Value: 6.9 @ 1”; 21 @ 3”
  • Core Density: 2.0 lb/cubic foot
  • Has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than ONE
  • Has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of ZERO

SealTite Pro No Trim 21

Create the most secure seal and leave behind a professional finish on your residential or commercial insulation project. Choose SealTite Pro No Trim 21 to touch up your insulation project and create an industry-leading finish on every job. Use this foam on all of your projects to avoid excess trim and finish every job to the level of quality your customers expect.

  • R-Value: 4.4 @ 1”; 15 @ 3.5”; 21 @ 5”
  • Core Density: 0.75 LB/Cubic Foot
  • A 0.75 LB density generates R21 in a single 5” pass – R15 in a single 3.5” pass

SealTite Pro No Mix

Increase your efficiency with an open-cell spray foam that provides a quality yield with less effort from you and your crew. SealTite Pro No Mix provides a “no-mix” convenience to any job, which is perfect for when your crew is tired or your deadline is approaching faster than you thought. Get the yield you expect from your open-cell foam without neglecting quality — and do it all while staying on time with your deadlines.

  • R-Value: 3.7 @ 1”
  • Core Density: 0.50 LB/Cubic Foot
  • UVA Compliant Open Cell
  • No mixing required

SealTite Pro High Yield

Have numerous large volume projects coming up or going through more foam than you can keep up with? Go through fewer bags with an open-cell foam that provides a higher yield (and less refill and downtime!). The SealTite Pro High Yield was built for contractors with little time and large projects. Avoid running out of spray foam and get more work done every day so you and your crew can complete jobs that much faster.

  • R-Value: 3.6 @ 1”
  • Core Density: 0.45 lb/cubic foot
  • UVA Compliant* Open Cell that is optimized for yield
  • No Ignition Barrier Coating required when used in assembly-specific attic applications


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