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Sidewinder Spray Foam Sleeve + Fresh Air Hose Pocket

Forget the duct tape and nylon sock! Bundle up with Sidewinder’s all-season SPF Sleeve from Python Protective Sleeve + Covers. This SPF Sleeve uses the most advanced insulation and abrasion-resistant materials to enhance SPF performance and increase product yield. Sidewinder installs in minutes and offers unmatched hose protection from abrasion, moisture, and temperature inconsistencies.

Fresh Air Hose Pocket Feature Details

The new sleeve was designed with a breathing air hose pocket, which reduces the amount of tangled hoses going to the sprayer. It makes SPF hoses easier to use — meaning your employees will use the proper PPE while spraying foam on every job.

• Reduce installation and service time by up to 70%
• Reduce temperature loss by up to 60%
• Remains extremely flexible in temperatures from -60°F to 250°F
• Reduces damage from moisture and high UV applications

Reamer Graco Drill Bit Kits

Graco is offering a new nozzle bit cleaner called a reamer bit. It features 4 smaller flutes versus the 2 that are on a normal nozzle bit. The 4 flutes are at a 7-10 degree angle, making it much sharper than larger drill bits. This reamer can be used in a nozzle with hard foam and hard lifting foam. These are game changers for nozzles because they clean debris out of the mixing chamber much faster. They also take on less pressure, which means they won’t break inside the nozzle as often as an average-sized drill bit would.

• Sold Single Bit Only
• Ranging in size from 0.166in. (2.9mm) to 0.042 in. (1.07mm)

Allegro Spray Socks

For protection against overspray and harmful particulates, the ALLEGRO Spray Sock fits over the head and can be worn with full- or half-mask respirators and goggles. The sock is made in a comfortable stretch-knit material and will keep workers cool while on the job with its breathable design. Order socks in bulk to make comfort and safety a priority for your crew on every project. One size fits all.

Part Number Descriptions:

  • 1410: Case of 144
  • 1410-12: Package of 12

Bullard Hard Hats

Comfortable and protective, the Standard Series hard hats feature a four-point suspension and lightweight design. Created for ultimate comfort while on the job, these hats are perfectly balanced, easily adjustable and are appropriate in almost any application. Hard hats are available in full-brim, cap-style, flat-front and vented-shell styles and come in a wide array of colors. Other features include:

  • Front & rear vertical height adjustments
  • Space to apply company logo
  • Easy-to-adjust Flex-Gear® ratchet sizing
  • Accessory slots in place for a variety of attachments

55 Gallon Drum Heating Warming Wrap w/ 2 Temperature Settings

Maintain optimal drum temperature with Arctic Warmer’s new Drum Warmer Wrap. This wrap provides an easy, energy-saving way to heat up drums faster and cool them down slower. With a pre-set maximum temperature of 140 F, the warmer will self-regulate to maintain the temperature for optimal performance. This wrap is a great tool for those who need to regulate temperature for sensitive products in cold climates.

  • Uses significantly less energy and time than a conventional band heater.
  • Ideal for yield consistency control, coatings and adhesives, freeze protection, and maintaining temperature-sensitive products in cold climates.

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Piranha Tools 7-in-1 Cleaning Tool

PIR-0065078 | List Price: $34.99

  • The ultimate cleaning tool designed for the fusion gun
  • All tools lock in place with an unlock release button
  • 5/16″ nut driver
  • 2 brass clean out brushes (large and small)
  • O-ring remover
  • Steel pick
  • Check valve/side seal pry rod
  • Curved steel blade for removing hardened iso. and grease build up

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Piranha Tools Bung Wrench

PIR-0065086 | List Price: $59.99

  • 14″ barrel bung wrench with adjustable jaw designed to bite on edge of barrel and safety spin/move heavy barrels with leverage and ease
  • Opens both large and small barrel caps
  • Adjustable jaw to fit all types of barrels
  • No-slip grip handle

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Piranha Tools Small Scraper

PIR-0065079 | List Price: $19.99

  • Ergonomically designed handle to minimize hand fatigue
  • Blade equipped with sharp saw teeth for cutting unwanted foam
  • Hooked edge for slicing and picking
  • Strong body designed to last longer

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Piranha Tools Large Scraper

PIR-0065085 | List Price: $39.99

  • Engineered to provide maximum power and reach
  • Blade equipped with sharp saw teeth for cutting unwanted foam
  • 27″ reach to cover more ground without the need of a ladder/stilts
  • Curved handle for comfort and power

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Piranha Tools Scarfer

PIR-0065080 | List Price: $24.99 

  • Specifically designed for shaving down heavy closed cell foam
  • Eight rows of aggressive hardened steel teeth
  • Spring-loaded scarfing pad designed to contour to the foamed surface and maximize scarfing power
  • Comfortable hand grip to minimize hand fatigue

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Piranha Tools 3-in-1 Knife

PIR-0065077 | List Price: $29.99 

Has every feature you need while spraying foam, all in one tool

  • Quick flip locking knife for easy, one-handed use
  • Designed to comfortably carry and use all day while spraying foam
  • 5/16″ nut driver built-in
  • Stow away pin vice

Sidewinder SPF Hose Wrap

P/N:   SW-2173

The 1000 denier cordura wrap combined with a heavy urethane coating provides a super low coefficient of friction as well as excellent abrasion resistance for wet, high UV and crisp edge applications. The wrap remains very flexible regardless of temperature.

  • Size: 50′ length / 7.4″ circumference
  • Temperature Range: -60ºF to +200ºF
  • Thermal Retention: 5ºF – 10ºF
  • Hook & Loop Closure reduces installation by up to 70%

Sidewinder SPF InsulWrap

P/N:   SW-2175

In addition to the urethane-coated cordura sleeve, the Sidewinder SPF InsulWrap features a radiant liner proven to maximize the thermal retention gain by 25 Delta T over a standard hose sock! The sleeve features internal straps to secure the sleeve around any spray hose!

  • Size: 50′ length /  8.6″ circumference
  • Temperature Range: -60°F to +200°F
  • Thermal Retention: up to 25°F
  • Hook & Loop closure reduces installation by up to 70%

Sidewinder Coupler Guard

P/N:   SW-2174

The Sidewinder SPF Coupler Guard is designed to be a tapered fit over a standard spray hose while reducing weight and maximizing hose flexibility. straps located at both ends prevent the guard from shifting back and forth.

  • Size: 3′ length / 10.9″ circumference – Tapered
  • Temperature Range: -60°F to +200°F
  • Thermal Retention: 5°F – 10°F
  • Hook & Loop closure reduces installation by up to 70%


Sidewinder InsulGuard

P/N:   SW-2176

In addition to the standard Coupler Guard characteristics, the Insulated Guard incorporates a radiant liner dramatically increasing the heat retention in your system resulting in greater efficiency and higher profitability. Internal straps located at both ends prevent the guard from shifting back and forth.

  • Size: 3′ length / 12.5″ circumference – Tapered
  • Temperature Range: -60°F to +200°F
  • Thermal Retention: up to 25°F
  • Hook & Loop closure reduces installation by up to 70%


Surf X Flush 2000 is designed for flushing, immersion cleaning, and loosening of reacted spray foam and polyureas off spray guns and equipment. It completely and effectively cleans polyols, crystallized isocyanates, and other urethane intermediates. However, in cases where excess liquid isocyanates are present, NZD ISO FLUSH should be used first. Safe on most elastomers and metal substrates and has superior environmental standards. Can be used as a replacement for hazardous solvents such as NMP.


NZD ISO FLUSH is an ISO neutralizer and cleaner, effective in flushing and immersion cleaning of excess liquid isocyanate from spray foam and processing equipment. It is designed to flush isocyanate feed tanks, hoses, or equipment that contains liquid or some hardened isocyanate residues. Non-gelling, non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-HAP’s. ONE CLEANER, ONE SOLUTION.

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CIRR D-BOND is an immersion resin and polymer remover, developed to remove cured or uncured deposits of isocyanates and buildup that have been sitting on spray foam equipment. Tough on polymers, resins, and adhesives but gentle on the environment. It is suitable for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is also a suitable alternative to NMP and MEK, among other harsh solvents. Low VOC, non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-HAP’s.

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SURF A-LUBE is a lubricant designed to be used as a storage fluid for dispensing equipment that will be out of operation for up to 12 months. Once the isocyanates and resins have been removed with NZD ISO FLUSH or SURF X FLUSH 2000, you can then fill the equipment and hoses with SURF A-LUBE. Non-hydroscopic, non VOC, non-flammable, biodegradable, recyclable, has a mild odor and low rate of evaporation.

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