Chem-Trend SprayFoam Silicone

Material Number: 1004221

Spray foam insulation is a notoriously sticky substance, posing day-to-day challenges for operators. When overspray occurs, the excess adheres to everything it touches. This causes damage to equipment surfaces as well as costly stoppages due to the need for constant cleaning. Over time, overspray coating can cause even larger issues and increased costs by hiding the damage that occurs.

To address these issues, Chem-Trend created an advanced and exceptionally versatile solution with SprayFoam Silicone. This product is made from premium materials to ensure success across a broad range of surface materials — including glass, stainless steel, acrylic, and polyethylene as well as spray guns and other tools to make cleaning easier and adding value to operations by reducing cleaning time and keeping equipment running smoothly.

Chem-Trend SprayFoam Silicone can be applied in multiple light coats with drying time in between each application. This creates a protective barrier and prevents overspray adhesion to protect and extend the life of tools, equipment, spray guns, and other fixtures without causing damage. In addition, using SprayFoam Silicone on equipment like scaffolding will help keep such surfaces clean for future quality inspection, preventing rental returns and potential fines for faulty equipment.

  • An enhanced spray valve and innovative propellant package to provide a better atomization pattern, minimize drip, and empty the can completely
  • A revolutionized spray tip, that is more durable than its predecessors and stays on the can better



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