Honeywell Backpack Adapter

The Honeywell Backpack Respirator Adapter permits users to locate cartridges and filters out of the work zone by placing them on the users back. It is ideal to use for tight and highly heated work places.

BP1000 Backpack Adapter for 5500, 7700, 5400, 7600, RU8500 respiratory equipment
  • Convert 5500, 7700, 5400 or 7600 Facepiece into a BP1000 Series Respirator
  • Convert Half Mask or Full Facepiece to a welding Respirator with this welding attachment
  • Puts Cartridges on the Back
  • Increases service life
  • Minimizing weight to the Facepiece
  • Limits worker fatigue

BP1002 | Backpack Adapter


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