Honeywell Respiratory Reusable Full Facepiece 5400 Series

The Honeywell 5400 Series Full Facepiece Respirator offers excellent safety at an affordable price. An ideal workhorse respirator for subcontractors and other occasional users, the 5400 Series can be configured three different ways: as an air purifying respirator (APR), a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) and a continuous flow supplied air respirator (CF-SAR). With an ANSI-Approved lens, this facepiece is designed to withstand high impacts, eliminating the need for additional eye protection. Now available in small, medium and large sizes.

  • Protects against airborne particulates, dusts, fumes, mists, organic vapors, acid gases & other contaminants
  • Compatible with full range of cartridges, filters & cartridge/filter combinations to suit most work environments
  • Mask can be configured for use as an Air Purifying Respirator (APR), Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) and Continuous Flow Supplied Air Respirator (CF-SAR); available with welding adaptor to meet various workplace needs
  • Extra wide 200° field of view maximizes peripheral vision; downward view provides optimal sight while working
  • Tough polycarbonate lens meets ANSI Z87 High Impact Standards for workplace safety
  • Four-point head strap ensures a secure fit & safe seal
  • Cartridge connector is threaded to prevent accidental disconnection
  • Nose cup is textured to prevent slippage during extended wear
  • 5400 Series Facepiece is made from a soft, thermoplastic elastomer that fits comfortably and is latex free; the wide sealing area is specially designed to fit most facial types

5400 | Respiratory Reusable Full Facepiece

54001S | Small Thermoplastic elastomer full facepiece with 4-point headstrap

54001 | Medium/Large Thermoplastic elastomer full facepiece with 4-point headstrap


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