Honeywell Respiratory Reusable Half Mask RU8800 Series

The Honeywell RU8800 Series Half Mask was designed specifically to accommodate hard-to-fit users. It includes three unique features that make it adaptable to almost any facial structure. The wraparound profile forms to the user’s face while the facepiece pleats guide the mask towards the face. The triple flange, which includes three distinct sealing surfaces and provides sealing security for greater freedom of movement. These features work together to allow the mask to fit a wide variety of sizes – ranging from extra small to extra large.

Honeywell Respiratory Reusable Half Mask
  • Triple flange provides three sealing surfaces to ensure sealing security
  • Soft and flexible silicone facepiece – comfortable for all day use
  • Pleats on the facepiece provide gentle pressure to create a better seal
  • Wraparound design contours to the user’s face
  • Headstrap assembly includes extra wide cradle suspension and evenly distributes weight

RU8800 | Respiratory Reusable Half Mask


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