Honeywell Supplied Air Hoods

The Honeywell Supplied Air Hoods are loose-fitting hoods for use with PA701 Powered Air Purifying Respirators. It is specially designed to offer the best of protection and comfort, with a design that gives the users a wide field of vision.

  • Hood material is spun bond polypropylene, coated spun bond polypropylene
  • Triple adjustment headgear for a comfortable fit
  • Manifold directs air over lens to reduce fogging
  • Coated for protection from intermittent splash
  • For use with Primair 700 PAPR and CF1000 Series continuous flow airline, featuring a comfortable headgear that directs air over the lens for cooling comfort

PA121 | Coated Hood

PA122 | Replacement Hoods

88600HV | Air Cooler


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