ISOTHERM Cooling Vest

The ISOTHERM Cooling Vest is a revolutionary technology that offers more cooling, lasts longer and is designed to provide worker comfort, heat stress avoidance, improved productivity, and complete mobility. Utilizing phase change technology, the ISOTHERM Cooling Vest provides hours of consistent cooling at 55° F. This system incorporates a size-adjustable FR-rated vest with two removable and rechargeable cooling packs. The packs can be recharged in approximately 20 minutes to provide the user temperatures colder than 55° F.

Now available in Blue (FR-rated) and Yellow (Hi-Viz, non-FR-rated).

front view of isotherm cooling vest
  • Unparalleled cooling power for up to four hours
  • Engineered to maintain a constant 55° F
  • Reduces heat stress
  • Ergonomic design for practical use in the field
  • Recharge in ice water in 20 minutes
  • No condensation


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