The Model 5500 Diesel Insulation Blowing Machine provides consistency when undergoing your insulation blowing project. Features such as the airlock exhauster and double clutches provide the operator with total control in the result of their project.

HS 5500 Gas - Heat Seal Equipment Ltd.
  • Power: 1001cc 3 cylinder Kubota diesel engine, 26 amp alternator
  • Weight: 1700 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 48.5”W x 82”L x 60”H
  • Airlock: 20″ long with 12″ diameter with 4″ outlet
  • Blower: Positive displacement 4L rotary lobe blower. 7 psi 433 CFM
  • Hopper capacity: 57 cu. ft.
    • NOTE: 5500 Diesel is 10″ longer than the standard 5500 to accommodate Kubota motor
  • 150′ remote cord included
  • Cellulose: 135 bags/hr. (4050 lbs. – 1840 kg)
  • Fiberglass: 82 bags/hr. (2952 lbs. – 1342 kg)
  • Rockwool: 100 bags/hr. (3600 lbs. – 1636 kg)


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