OC Quik-Shield Spray Foam 108YM

The “Yield Monster” from Quik-Shield is the latest generation of ultra-low density foam from SWD. Featuring a new easier-to-mix process and install formula, it also yields 39% more than traditional open-cell foam. Formulated to improve the four most important aspects of the job site: Yield, Efficiency, Safety/Risk, and Quality.

Person standing upright and spraying foam insulation above their head
  • Industry-leading product
  • Designed to shrink your costs on materials and labor.
  • Lower density equals greater yield – up to 26,000 board feet per set of material
  • More board footage for the same amount of material
  • 1-Hour re-entry and long-range application capabilities
  • Impressive quality ensures fewer touch-ups and reduces callbacks


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