These next-generation PMC coating and foam proportioners are a must have for all insulation professionals. These proportioners track, monitor and save data to help you troubleshoot issues or alert you if maintenance is needed. With these proportioners you can reduce downtime, ultimately saving you money and time on the job! With an output of 1.7 gal/min, the PHDX-2 is a smart choice for high requirement government/DOT-level liner/coatings applications.

  • Main touch screen allows navigation to all proportioner functions
  • Screen allows easy temperature and pressure adjustments and provides Pressure Balance Control and Auto Shut Down Counter
  • Monitor chemical usage and drum capacities
  • Troubleshooting alarms and maintenance alerts
  • Can be configured in Spanish
PMC coating and foam proportioner
  • Output: 1.7 gal/min (6.43 liters/min)
  • Max Working Pressure: 3,000 psi (206 bar)
  • Max Hose Length:
    • 210 ft (64 m) w/70V Trans
    • 310 ft (94.5 m) w/90V Trans
    • 410 ft (121.9 m) w/120V Trans
  • Heater Wattage: 14,000 watts Total (Single htr)
  • Hose Heating Power: 70 Volt, 90 Volt or 120 Volt
  • Max Fluid Temperature: 190 °F (87.7 °C)
  • Weight (w/o Hydraulic Fluid): 415 lbs (188 kg)
  • Electrical @ 7.5KW Heater: Not Applicable
  • Electrical @ 9KW Heaters: Not Applicable
  • Electrical @ 10.5KW Heaters: Not Applicable
  • Electrical @ 14KW Heaters:
    • 62 amps @ 3 x 230V
    • 105 amps @ 1 x 230V


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