Sidewinder’s newly designed drum heater offers multiple features with the user in mind. This drum heater is designed to apply heat where the liquid is, no matter how full the drum is. With an integrated temperature sensor, you can set and monitor your temperatures making sure the blanket is at your desired warmth. With the controller attached to a tether, and a controller pocket, you will have peace of mind that the blanket will always be managed giving you consistent reliability.

Check out more information on the Sidewinder drum heater here.

The costs of damaged chemicals due to improper storage or unpredictable environmental conditions can be costly to a business. Eliminate the stress of temperature containment with the Sidewinder Drum Heater. It’s rugged poly-vinyl-coated outer shell and high-density polyethylene foam keeps the warmth in, and the cold out. The proprietary heating element is infused into a rugged foil, giving the blanket a sleek profile allowing for ease of install, roll up and storage (bag provided).

Why Sidewinder?

  • THERMAL RETENTION High-density polyethylene keeps the warmth in, and a proprietary coated nylon keeps the cold out.
  • EASY INSTALL Military-grade Hook & Loop closure with snap buckles makes for an easy and sturdy install.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR OPERATION The programmable controller offers the operator full control of temperature settings.
  • GO HIGHER Sidewinder features a proven combination of insulation with a proprietary cover to remain extremely lightweight, flexible and compact.
  • Lightweight; easy to install & store
  • Temperature controller to adjust and monitor heat
  • Storage pocket to protect the controller from damage
  • Hook & loop closure, with straps/buckles
  • Fitted for standard 55-gallon drums
  • 34” High x 79.75” Wide
  • Set and holds temperatures up to 140°F
  • 120V plug-in

Check out more information on the Sidewinder drum heater here.

Python Sidewinder Drum Heater

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