Material Numbers:

  • 1 Gallon Pail – 1002073
  • 1 Gallon Easy Pour Jug – 1005719
  • 5 Gallon Pail – 1002074

SURF A-SEAL™ protects and extends the lifespan of pump rod and packings by preventing coatings from drying on the components, which can cause damage. It reduces friction, wears, and abrasions on the parts by forming a high level of lubrication on the displacement rod, preventing flash rusting and extending the life of the equipment.

  • Contractors Use SURF A-SEAL™ For: Protecting their pump packaging and bearings from damage
  • Manufacturers Use SURF X FLUSH 2000™ For: Protection of Diisocyanates lines, metering equipment, feed lines, mixing heads, hoses, kettles, pump packaging, , and much more!
  • OEM’s Use SURF X FLUSH 2000™ For: Protection for equipment used in the automotive, aerospace, injection mold, foam sheathing insulation, DOT, and cushioning industries.
  • Non-HAPs, non-flammable, recyclable, non-corrosive
  • No ingredients are listed on CA PROP 65 or EPA HAPS
  • Alternative to Petroleum-based Lubricants, Phthalate-Phenol compounds
  • Reduced VOC
  • Stable under severely cold weather
  • Safe and compatible with most O-rings, gaskets, rubber seals, and safe of all metals
  • Available in Qts, and one-gallon Easy Pour Jugs


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