Tsunami Air Filtration & Drying Systems

Maximize material yield and lengthen time between maintenance intervals with Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions. Today, many rigs are outfitted with inadequate air equipment and not designed to handle the specific challenges associated with multi-compound spray foam. Tsunami products use proprietary technology combined with the highest grade components to provide unmatched performance and durability.

Regardless of the job site or atmospheric conditions, Tsunami systems provide peace-of-mind by supplying consistent high-quality air, time and time again. By installing Tsunami into your new or existing rig, you eliminate the variables during critical jobs; making you more capable, more reputable, and better suited for the job.

Tsunami drying system for insulation from the front
  • Increases Material Yield
  • Prolongs Gun Maintenance Intervals
  • Extends Transfer Pump & Agitator Life


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