Tsunami Water/Oil Package

A package offering of the Tsunami Water Separator and Tsunami Oil Coalescing Filters.

Tsunami Filtration Package #3 - 1" Water Separator & Oil Coalescing Filter

The Tsunami Water Separator is a high-quality filtration product that removes dirt, particulates, and water from compressed air systems. Machined from 6061 aluminum alloy and anodized for maximum corrosion resistance, our filters prevent rust from forming inside the housings unlike filters manufactured out of die cast materials. The Tsunami Water Separator uses a unique up-flow gravity separation process to remove water droplets and aerosols from the air before being discharged through an automatic drain.

Tsunami Oil Coalescing Filters deliver high-grade compressed air and protect critical equipment from oil aerosols and particulates. Tsunami Oil Coalescing Filters use a non-wicking drain layer secured to the outside support core to separate oil and water from the air flow and drain the liquid to the filter sump. The Tsunami Oil Coalescing Filter removes oil aerosols down to .001 ppm, traps particulates down to .01 micron, and is rated for up to 240 cubic feet per minute (CFM).


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