A product designed by industry-leading chemists and approved by professional sprayers. Ultra-Pure™ spray foam insulation for green buildings combines eco-consciousness with high-yield results, and achieves below quantifiable limits (BQL).

Natural Polymers preselects raw materials that are already low in VOCs as the foundation of their design for environmentally friendly spray foam. Low VOC raw materials go through a special distillation process to reduce trace amounts of impurities that can develop in the manufacturing process, so not all raw materials are low in volatile chemicals. When developing their bio-based spray foam insulation systems, they also identify any undesirable side reactions that might occur during the foaming process. These side reactions are then targeted with special reactive and odor-capturing agents to mitigate unwanted smells or trace amounts of VOC.

Ultra-Pure™ Low VOC spray foam products can only be installed by a System Authorized Installer (SAI) trained in the complete system requirements and is available through Natural Polymers and IDI Distributors.

Ultra-Pure™ spray foam insulation comes in a 2.0 lb density closed-cell spray foam and a 0.50 lb density open-cell spray foam. The Ultra-Pure™ 2.0 and Ultra-Pure™ 0.50 are a two-component polyurethane foam system that can only be applied by authorized installers trained in the complete system requirements. These energy-efficient products meet or exceed all current building code requirements and is below the California air quality standard CA 01350.

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