The Build Show, Flash & Batt, and the Next Generation of Spray Foam

Yes, IDI was on The Build Show Again… And Again

IDI’s participation in The Build Show has not only given us the opportunity to make great training resources for you and your company, it’s also given IDI the opportunity to tell the world about our great contractors. What does this mean for you? Quite simply, a few more leads coming in looking for you, our loyal contractors. Now, we have no idea how many “would be” consumers out there, will reach out over the lifetime of these videos and possibly turn into a lead for you. But… one thing you can count on, every lead we do get, we will be sending out to our loyal customers who support IDI.  

This is just the beginning. Every month IDI’s creating more and more content to train both contractors, and consumers, on the products we carry, building science, and more.  In the coming months, we’ll be sharing training videos from both the Flash & Batt episode and the Low VOC/Ultra-Pure Foam episodes. Be sure to watch and share them as they come out. You never know, one of them may have the exact information you want to share with one of your customers. 

View the Low VOC/No Smell Spray Foam Episode here!

Spray foam insulation’s a great product to begin with, but this was a case of making the great, even better.  In 2019 Ben Brown, with Natural Polymers, told IDI he’d formulated new foams with some very interesting capabilities. More specifically, a low, to no, quantifiable VOC, spray foam insulation. 

Ben’s call about Ultra-Pure, was the first time I heard the term BQL or “below quantifiable limits”.  It seemed like quite a statement, but in lab testing, they were seeing levels well below GreenGuard Gold standards. How does that happen? Evidently, through using innovative formulations and better ingredients, the testing indicated the installing or manufacturing process produced less of the tested byproducts, making it better for the installer, better for the environment, and better for the end-user. Since the lab results were great, the next question was, how would the new formula do in the field? 

As soon as the first drums were ready, IDI reached out to Matt Risinger of The Build Show to find a great job site. Then we brought in Travis West of Building Air Quality, Inc,  a third-party industrial hygienist to test during the installation, and got a rock-solid installer, to see how this new Ultra-Pure spray foam insulation performed.  

The results? Everyone involved loved the results, but it’s always best to watch the video and judge for yourself. 

Watach the How To Flash & Batt – Closed Cell Foam & Rockwool video here!

As hybrid type wall applications gain popularity, it’s always good to educate consumers on the benefits and best practices of these applications. Never one to under-build a structure, Matt Risinger wanted “The” ultimate hybrid wall. His design started with foam board on the outside of T-Studs, then spray foam, and finally, Rockwool on the inside. He really wanted the benefits of closed-cell spray foam insulation combined with the sound attenuation of mineral wool. Knowing Matt’s projects are always a great opportunity for installation and building science training, IDI was right there helping with anything we can. If you have customers asking about Flash & Batt, this is a perfect video to share with them when encouraging them to “do the right thing”. It is also a great video to share because Matt even lets them know that upstanding and well-trained contractors are connected with IDI. 

Marketing and Innovation 

Big Announcements from Training, Marketing, & Business Development at IDI

There’s a new training in town! IDI’s Trainings are back in session and the new 1-day Fiberglass Installer Training, our 2-Day Insulation Training in Spanish, and the Crawl Space trainings are a hit. 

IDI’s 2 & 3 Day Insulation trainings still sell out or fill up fast, but these new classes are getting great reviews. Click here to learn more or see the upcoming schedule


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