Why You Should Bring Your Rig to an IDIREV Event

Have you ever signed up for one of our IDIREV events?

IDI’s goal has always been to provide superior service to our customers. We’ve been able to help our customers beat their competition by educating, training and providing local expertise and support to our customers.

About IDIREV: One training and support opportunity we offer is our rig evaluation event, IDIREV. The goal of IDIREV is to help customers get the best performance out of their SPF rig while educating them on how to keep their rig in peak condition. We host these events at select IDI locations across the country, so all of our contractors can get the opportunity to learn from them.

Ensure your rig meets industry standards and won’t cause you any unexpected downtime so you can continue to outperform your competitors. Sign up today to get your evaluation at an IDI Distributors branch near you!

How does the event work?

Once you’ve signed up for an event, you’ll get to choose a time slot to bring in your rig and your business’s owner or manager. Our technician can clearly articulate any findings, so we ask that a manager is present for the evaluation so both parties can work to have any issues resolved. Feel free to bring any of your rig crew as well for learning opportunities!

We’ll evaluate all systems including:

  • Trailer
  • Safety equipment
  • Proportioning equipment
  • Maintenance and preventative measures
  • Transfer pumps
  • Guns
  • Air quality
  • Fresh air equipment
  • Other auxiliary equipment on your rig

The goal is to make your jobs run a little smoother and maximize yield with as little equipment downtime as possible!

We’ll also look at other operations and provide our feedback to help you squash your competitors, make more profit, and ensure your crew is prepared for any job.

For example:

  • Need help with a Respiratory Protection Plan and Fit Testing?
  • Can we better utilize your rig to maximize yield?
  • Is there something specific you are having a problem with?

IDIREV events are excellent opportunities to learn from some of the experts in the industry. It also gives our crew a chance to learn from you, our customer! Find an IDIREV event near you to sign up today!

We want to hear what struggles you have! Contact us today and our teams will try our best to address any of your insulation issues and concerns.


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