Nitrosys is an innovative low pressure spray foam system that heats your materials and maintains heat until it is sprayed or injected. Low pressure spray foam systems offer a variety of benefits in comparison to high pressure systems such as fast re-entry times, easy and flexible installation, and reduced noise/power. Additionally, due to the lower temperature, it makes applying low pressure spray foam ideal in colder temperatures.

Fast Re-Entry

The Refill System features a low pressure static mix that occurs during the application of low pressure materials keeps the VOC’s from saturating the air, allowing people to re-enter the building or structure only one hour after spray application. There is also no need for a fresh air pump.

Easy Installation

The Nitrosys low pressure sprayer system can easily be configured as a mobile cart, skid, mobile spray rig or an add on to an existing mobile spray rig due to the small and compact size.

Reduced Noise & Power

With the Nitrosys low pressure sprayer system, you won’t need nearly as much power. Only a small generator is needed, reducing power and noise.

The Nitrosys Plus System

The patent pending Nitrosys Plus is a revolutionary new spray foam system that utilizes a low pressure application process to spray and install high pressure spray foam formulations.

Nitrosys Plus Equipment Options:

  • Nitrosys: Electronically controlled heat and volumetric metering
  • GreenFlare Heated Hose: up to 210 feet of heated hose
  • Spray Gun: Handi Gun II (plastic) or N+ (metal)
 Transfer Pumps: Material and fluid supply. 
Pumps are installed in 55 gal drums or  250 gal totes.
  • Air Compressor/Generator: Power and Air supply
  • Air Dryer: Removes Moisture from compressed air

Nitrosys Plus can be configured in a ProPAK mobile spray rig, in a mobile cart, or mounted in your existing truck or trailer. Nitrosys Plus utilizes a plastic gun, Handi Gun II, or the steel N+ gun. Both guns require disposable static mixers for proper mixing of materials. This turn key system introduces a whole new level of simplicity and safety to the SPF application process, creating a new standard for spray foam equipment.

Nitrosys Geo for Concrete Lifting

The Volu-Matic® V is a dual-purpose machine. It has all the features and capabilities of the

Portability is the key for the Nitrosys Geo. It is
configured in a skid mount so that the contractor will be able to load on the back of a pick-up truck or put in
an existing trailer. The skid design can be customized
to meet your needs. Nitrosys Geo is also available
in a wall mount package or turn key mobile spray rig.
Job access can be simplified with the Nitrosys Geo system allowing you to get into hard to reach areas with an
ultra-portable system, increasing opportunities and overall
profitability. The flexibility of the system allows contractors to use
materials packaged from 5 Gallons up to 250 Gallons. Benefits of the system include is the lightweight gun, that is simple and easy to replace and constant air assist that will allow the foam to travel farther into the voids, while also keeping
injection points clear during lifting. Utilizing this system allows for the end user to have more control when lifting a slab that will minimize potential for the slab to crack.

Hose length can be customized to meet customers’ specific needs.


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