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Why Make IDI Omaha Your Wholesale Insulation Supplier

Insulation experts in Omaha, NE trust IDI as their wholesale insulation supplier because of our expertise and dedication to excellence. We not only carry a wide selection of supplies your insulation company needs, but provide competitive prices and on-time job-site delivery to make your project easier. See how our Omaha team can help you with all of your wholesale insulation needs.

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We pride ourselves on being more than a wholesale insulation supplier for Omaha residential and commercial contractors — we want to be your partner. We carry a wide selection of special order products and accessories to help you get the job done right while providing high-quality customer service and training opportunities. We work with you to find the right products for your unique projects and provide technical training along with professional guidance.

Who we are

At IDI, our motto is, “We work for you!” So you can rest assured that the wholesale insulation products we sell are top-quality and all hands-on training we provide to our Omaha partners will cover every current aspect of the industry and your equipment.

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Contact our Omaha team today to learn more about the IDI difference, and see why contractors trust us as their dedicated wholesale insulation supplier.

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Omaha Specialties

There’s a reason Omaha contractors choose IDI as their supplier of wholesale insulation: Our overarching selection of products and unmatched customer service. We’ve been in the building materials industry for more than 40 years, providing everything from business consulting to equipment financing, professional training, and marketing support. We will help you provide your clients with better materials and performance with these exclusive services:

In-Person Training

Person in protective gear holds spray foam insulation gun

Rig Eval Events

On-site Tech Support

Additional Specialties

  • Insights on all things insulation, products, best practices and more
  • Fiberglass insulation products and accessories
  • Job site delivery
  • Next-day or even same-day delivery and pick-up available
  • On-call assistance with on-the-job issues and concern
Man installing pink fiberglass insulation


Spray Foam Insulation

man installing Owens Corning® PINK Next Gen™ Fiberglas™ Insulation on wall

Fiberglass Insulation

blowing insulation in wall

Blowing Wool Insulation

ox-is foam board insulation

Foam Board Insulation

new insulation truck

Spray Foam Rigs

Areas we serve

Our warehouse lead and crew know the Omaha area, helping you get high-quality insulation supplies as fast as possible.

  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Papillion, Nebraska
  • Bellevue, Nebraska
  • Sioux City, South Dakota
  • Norfolk, Nebraska
  • York, Nebraska
  • Columbus, Nebraska

Omaha, NE

13529 I Circle, Omaha, NE, USA


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Have a question on anything insulation, pricing, or want to place an order? With hundreds of products and countless services, our experts will help walk you through the process of getting ready for your next project. Get in contact with our team today for help and guidance on the right products and best techniques for you and your business.