3 Important National Safety Month Tips to Use All Year Round

When it comes to the field of construction, the saying “Built on Blood, Sweat & Tears” is a way of life. It’s no surprise that safety should be a top priority during insulation and construction work, but sometimes proper safety measures can fall through the cracks or get overlooked.

Since June is National Safety Month, we decided it’s time to share important facts and tips on how you can make safety a priority on your job sites all year round!

Construction & Insulation Safety Facts

June is National Safety Month, and that carries a greater impact in our industry than in many others:

  • Every 7 seconds a worker is injured on the job (4.6 million/year).
  • Sprains and cuts/punctures are in the top 3 injuries
  • Construction is one of the top 5 industries for on-the-job injuries.

With a lot at stake, it will be important for you to always make safety a high priority. At IDI, we’re here to help you with that because you, your workers, and your company are our top priority.

Use our guide to learn the top 3 National Safety Month tips, and take advantage of this month’s specials, centered around safety in construction and the insulation industry.

Top 3 Steps to Construction Site Safety (With Checklists):

1. Always have safety supplies on site & on your rig

Having a full supply of safety equipment will keep you and your crew safe from hazards on any construction site or job. Make sure you’re not missing any vital insulation safety items on your rig or job site; this includes proper protection gear and preventative measures, as well as safety kits and emergency supplies.

Preventative protection gear:
Protection gear like masks, goggles, and cooling or heating vests will keep your crews safe from the second they step onto the site until the second they leave. Having this gear means your crews will stay safe and comfortable so you can increase efficiency and avoid costly downtime in the case of an emergency. Here are a few notable pieces of preventative construction safety equipment you should carry at all times:

Emergency Supplies:
Considering cuts and punctures are one of the top three injuries, do you have a first aid kit in every rig or vehicle? Although it is often the most forgotten piece of equipment on the rig, the first aid kit is one of the most important.

Most of us know what it’s like to wrap a sweaty t-shirt or partially-used napkin around a cut until we can find something better. And … unfortunately, most of us know what it’s like to have the wound get inflamed or infected because we couldn’t dress it properly and had to get back to work quickly to finish the job.

In construction, we need to see our first aid kit as a toolbox that’s essential to our workers. It’s more than just peace of mind; the right ointments, bandages, eyewash, and other safety items can often keep production going or help to stabilize injuries until proper medical attention can be received. Be sure to always have a fully-equipped first aid kit (or two) on site at all times to keep your crew members from worsening their injuries or losing productivity on the job!

2. Plan ahead for extreme weather

Extreme weather is something you can usually plan ahead for, so you’ll save time, money and resources by doing so. Follow our tips for your insulation construction safety as you prepare for these 3 common extreme weather concerns:

Hot weather:

  • Get your team trained on spotting the signs of heat stroke and exhaustion so everyone has everyone’s back and can help each other stay safe in hot/humid conditions. Use our instructional construction in the heat safety video to give your team a quick training!
  • Keep your crew working efficiently by equipping them with heat protection gear like cooling vests and masks.
  • Always keep water on hand, and make sure you check the weather beforehand to see if you need to call the day early!

Cold Weather:


  • Don’t be afraid to call off a day due to extreme weather. Risking your crew’s safety for a day’s worth of labor that may be inefficient or cut short anyway is never worth it. This is especially important in snow storms when your crew or rig could risk costly accidents on slick roads.
  • Be sure to continually check the weather forecast and if the sky starts to unexpectedly change. Keep a weather app handy at all times!

3. Make safety training a priority

Make sure your crew is always aware of best practices and stays prepared for safety hazards on a construction site. Set aside some shop time this month to have a safety meeting with your crew. Need help with a proper training? Use your local IDI as a safety resource:

  • Have an IDI rep come by your location or job site to give a safety meeting and even hands-on safety trainings.
  • Come out (and bring your crew!) to an IDI training at a location near you. Get updated on insulation best practices and new safety products, and take part in hands-on trainings and demonstrations. Find a training near you here!
  • Check out our blog page for safety best practice updates and valuable resources regarding on-the-job safety. Check out our recent blog on safety masks and respiratory protection here!

Make National Safety Month a Success!

The people who work for you are the most important part of your company. Take some time this June (and all year round) to help your crew stay safe and more aware of their surroundings.

For more information on how IDI can help with a safety meeting or any of the products we offer, reach out to your local salesperson or branch manager, as well as those of us here at the corporate office. Our goal is to help keep you and your team safe and help grow your business every day!

National Safety Month facts by the numbers: 
Construction infographic injuries by the numbers
*Image provided by The National Safety Council


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