How to Get Your Insulation Vacuum Ready for Removal & Reinsulating Season

Summer is coming! Is your vacuum ready for the removal and reinsulating season?

Insulation Removal Vacuums Are Great Money Makers, Unless They’re Broken or Underperforming.

Have you ever had to bury a vacuum, or send one to the scrap yard? What about having one that runs, but doesn’t have enough suction to complete the job?

IDI is here to help you keep your vacuum in peak condition and supply you with everything you need to stay on track for the busy season ahead. Learn how to protect your insulation removal vacuum to keep it running stronger and longer with these helpful tips. Then, contact your local IDI Distributors rep for information on special pricing on accessories and insulation removal vacuum parts.

What Makes Good Vacuums Go Bad and How Can You Protect Your Warranty?

Dust and debris are the two major causes of insulation vacuum failure, but each is avoidable with the right preparation and equipment. Watch how these two major (and costly) problems can affect your vacuum on the job and learn how to avoid them.

IDI-exclusive equipment can protect your insulation vacuum from both:

  1. Dust blocking the filter or getting into the motor
  2. Metal objects wearing through or puncturing the fan blade

Learn how to avoid costly problems caused by dust & debris using IDI Equipment:

#1 Dust:
Dust accumulation is the leading cause of vacuum motor failure. Both dust and cellulose removal jobs can be tough on your vacuum’s motor, especially if they are both present on the same job. If you’ve lined up multiple attic insulation removal jobs, know you’ll face a lot of dust and possibly cellulose — so make sure your vacuum is protected from this treacherous combination.

The Fix:
It will be important for you to ensure dust does not accumulate in your motor because motor warranties are denied when dust is found inside of them. This means payment for a new motor will come straight out of your pocket. To avoid dust accumulation, and to protect your warranty, use a ten-foot hose (as suggested in your manual) between the outlet on the vacuum and the attached insulation removal vacuum bag.

#2. Debris
Nails, washers, tools and other miscellaneous debris (often left behind on old construction or insulation projects) can get sucked into your vacuum along with old insulation. If your machine is not properly protected from this debris, it will likely harm your engine and fan past repair.

Dents, scrapes and holes in your fan will reduce the effectiveness of your insulation removal vacuum to the point where it no longer functions. This damage will cause you costly downtime and will leave you stuck paying for expensive replacement parts or a new insulation vacuum altogether.

The Fix:
When your vacuum is equipped with a defender, it is protected from most debris that comes its way. The defender filters debris into a separate compartment that you can empty out during and after every job. IDI insulation vacuums are exclusively made with a built-in defender to increase the lifespan of your equipment and to keep you working job after job with minimal issues. IDI also sells the defenders separately so you can protect any of your insulation vacuums that may not have built-in protection.

Keeping you and your equipment up and running job after job — that’s our mission!

At IDI, we want your machines and equipment to last for the long haul. Browse our full inventory of insulation removal vacuums today and learn more about how you can avoid other common (and costly) on-the-job issues.

As always, reach out to us with any of your insulation questions and equipment needs. Our insulation experts are always available to share our 40+ years of experience and insulation industry insights and best practices. Reach out to your local IDI Distributors rep today for any of your urgent or miscellaneous needs!


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