The Basics of Insulation Machine Coverage

Thanks to free machines and box stores, consumers think blowing fiberglass is easy. And in many ways, it can seem that way. We could run to a store today, buy some fiberglass, rent a machine and fill an attic. However, did it get done efficiently or were we wasting product? Material makes up a large portion of the cost for any blown-in project. To a homeowner, losing $150 - $400 on fiberglass isn’t much. After all, they didn’t have to pay someone else to do it, so in their mind, they saved money. But, as a business owner, losing that money is a big deal. Luckily, there are ways you can efficiently blow fiberglass and not waste any product or profit.

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No-Burn® ThB Spray Seal – A Vapor Retarder and Thermal Barrier

A vapor retarder & thermal barrier in one application, you read that right! Check out our video on No-Burn®’s ThB Spray Seal. Open cell spray foam has great sound attenuation and so many other benefits, but installing open cell in the north requires a vapor retarder. When spraying attics, crawl spaces, or anywhere the foam will be exposed, if there is potential to use the space, code requires it to be separated from storage, or occupied space, by a fifteen-minute thermal barrier.

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Spray Foam, Fiberglass, Water Leaks, and Sharing the Blame

Over the years, even though the insulators didn’t build the roof, hang the siding, design the mechanical, or put plumbing in an outside wall, I’ve been surprised how often insulators are called to be part of the “fix”. Even worse, in many cases they are being asked to participate in this “pro bono” because someone else tried to attribute part of the cause to them.

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