The House Failed! Blaming the Insulator After Turning Down the Solution – Proof Top Plate Gaskets Fix Problems, Increase Margins, and Decrease Headaches

As municipalities adopt new codes, code officials are beginning to verify compliance. And in some cases, it has not gone well. One recent example is an apartment building in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Blower door tests were done on the first completed units. When the official reviewed the results, it showed a one-bedroom unit (less Read more...

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Regulations affecting Insulation Contractors & Information Your Need To Know About DOT, OSHA & COVID 19 From the ICAA 2020 Virtual Convention

As part of IDI’s effort to keep you informed when things impact your insulation business, we wanted to share key points from the 2020 ICAA virtual convention, including OSHA regulations and DOT Compliance Checklist items you may not know about. We also want to thank the ICAA for their permission to share this timely information. Read more...

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When Your Habitat Becomes Uninhabitable: A Lesson in Building Science, Equipment Sizing, Ventilation & Insulation

I got a call yesterday from someone, we’ll call him “Bob”, who attended IDI’s regional insulation class in MN this year. It’s his first year in the insulation industry so he bought a spray foam rig, started learning building science, and is doing quite well. He called because he knows someone who: Moved into a Read more...

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Don’t Throw Away That Mixing Chamber.

Mixing chambers can last forever… okay that’s a stretch, but the truth is too many get thrown away when new life can be given to them. As a spray foam tech, I always recommend keeping spare parts for your foam gun (new chambers, new seals, new o-rings, etc.) and resurfacing your mixing chambers. Through trial Read more...

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Dollars

Everyone’s been told a picture’s worth a thousand words, but for those of us working on building envelopes, a picture can be worth thousands of dollars. According to Sam Rashkin and the department of energy, showing a customer infrared images of specific problems in their  home or building is very motivating. In fact, it makes Read more...

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Discover the spray foam products that have taken the insulation market by storm in 2020. IDI has insights into the most innovative, user-friendly, long-lasting and efficient products of the year. Featuring well-known brands across the industry, find the must-have product for your next insulation job.  DECREASE DOWNTIME WITH THESE 6 EASY-TO-USE SPRAY FOAM PRODUCTS Sick Read more...

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