What Contractors Should Know About Hiring Undocumented Workers: A Conversation With Immigration Attorney Jorge Molina

To say nothing gets built without labor is an understatement, and this is particularly true as we watch the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) come into play. Since the IRA provides credits and rebates for families and businesses looking to lower their property’s energy use, we’re going to see an increase in demand for construction and the labor contractors will need to get the job done — particularly in industries such as insulation.

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The New 179D & Other Great Ways Your Customers Can Fund Commercial Energy Retrofit Projects

2023 is here and will likely begin the greatest number of deep energy retrofits ever performed on commercial buildings in the US. Yes, the new 179D is very generous, and likely to motivate many building owners to jump in. That’s why the first R-Value podcast of 2023 is diving into the tax credit, as well as this blog, which will hopefully help you, help your customers, find the money.

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Inflation Reduction Act: Improving Your Insulation Workforce & Working With State Energy Offices

The Inflation Reduction Act is set to provide a lot of subsidies and other resources to insulation contractors and their workforce. But unless you know the details, you may not be able to maximize them for your business. That’s why we’ve invited Xavier Walter on the show to chat with IDI’s Business Development expert Ken Allison. They explain how you can access Inflation Reduction Act benefits and how those in the insulation industry can best utilize them to hire and retain the best talent in their workforce.

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