IDI Visits The 2023 International Builder Show

This year’s International Builder Show drew nearly 70,000 construction professionals. That’s 45% more than 2022! Considering many insulation contractors can’t make the show, IDI went to see how many contractors were checking out the products you install, and to find new products or innovations that might help in your business. You can check out the video here, we were not disappointed.

As for the products you already know about and install, there was a lot of contractors checking them out. From Owens Corning showing off their new spray foam line, to ISI making a booth out of their Viper Crawl Space liner, to AeroBarrier putting up a big booth, each time we went by one of their booths, they were buzzing with activity.

When it comes to new products or innovations, we found more than we have in the past. Even though Retrotec is not new to IDI, we finally got to see the new Smart Cloth and DM32X gauge. Both products are fantastic upgrades to the blower door and reset the bar for the industry.

As you will also see in the video, Labor Finders was our first cool new discovery. They are providing construction labor in many markets across the country. They offer temp, temp to hire and much more. Next we saw Hikmicro and knew it was a winner. Hikmicro makes infrared cameras with great resolution, better sensitivity than what we had been using, and at a surprisingly low price. Since the show we have already gotten them set up in the system, so they can be ordered from IDI today.

Duct EZ, Tacoma Energy, Acoustiblok are the other products and services we are excited about. Be sure to watch the video to see more about them and let us know your thoughts. We hope to have much more information on them, or have them available to you very soon.

For more information on products or innovations we found at the show, reach out to your local branch or contact anyone at IDI where we are working to help grow your business every day.


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