Purchasing SPF Rigs or Trailers: Introducing Our Mini-Series

Getting Into the Insulation Business is an Investment.

The industry is growing and changing rapidly, and with that, the number of new companies getting into the industry is increasing. Let me start by saying this business is not for everyone. To do it right costs a lot of money. The best words of advice we can give you are: Take the time to educate yourself! Follow along with our blogs and video series — SPF Rig Series: Tips Before You Buy!

There’s a substantial investment involved in the insulation industry, and there are two ways to understand the decision:

  1. Does my business plan identify enough capital to invest in equipment that my business can grow into?
  2. Does my business plan identify less equipment capital, with plans to show a profit and upgrade in 3 years?

Along with many of our certified experts at IDI, I was in this situation once myself. Our team has seen it all. So, if you’re having trouble answering these basic questions about your insulation business, give us a call and we’ll educate you on the basics and help you establish an effective plan.

The Biggest Problem We’re Seeing in the Industry Today

Many new entrepreneurs are searching for knowledge and expertise to purchase SPF equipment.

With the fierce competition in our industry, many entrepreneurs are getting into the business without proper education from a knowledgeable supplier, and are rather looking for the cheapest way to make a quick sale.

This is posing a real problem for our industry. Unhealthy competition is deteriorating profitability and work ethics, and it needs to be addressed. Our goal at IDI is to educate our customers and help them grow our industry in a healthy manner. My goal is to start with educating new entrepreneurs by showing them the proper requirements to install SPF.

Introducing Our Mini-Series: Purchasing Spray Foam Rigs & Trailers

What You Should Know:
This series will focus on the equipment required to install SPF correctly. These requirements are not something we’ve made up — they’re set forth by the manufacturers in our industry — and there’s nothing I can do about that.

By starting off with the required equipment and educating entrepreneurs on how to make a successful decision, we’re setting them up for profitable growth and high-quality insulation work.

What We’re Seeing:
Some suppliers are looking to profit off of pure volume by selling improper equipment, which often does not meet the recommendations of proper SPF and fiberglass installation. View our examples below:

  • Ex.1 — We all agree that chemicals should be warmed to a certain temperature before application, yet we constantly see entrepreneurs get roped into buying a rig without insulation or temperature-controlling equipment. Also, uneducated suppliers will sell equipment with heaters that are too small to perform properly in their climate area.
  • Ex. 2 — Insulation equipment needs a proper power source to run. However, some suppliers sell undersized power plants which cause expensive electrical damage.
  • Ex. 3 — SPF rigs are sold with the idea that they can be operated on day 1 and produce massive profits! In reality, equipment is sold every day without proper training. This is an investment, and it takes time to learn the proper way to use it. Proper use means less product waste and more secure insulation — meaning better ROI and more referrals.
  • Improper use leads to the exact opposite: more wasted product, lower-performing foam, and unhappy clients. Get equipment and experience at the same time from your supplier, and if they don’t know how to use it, should you really be trusting them?

Do these examples sound familiar to you?
If so, we’ve got solutions that can turn your situation around and set you up for success. In addition to our wide selection of quality products, our certified insulation experts can provide you with hands-on training at each of our 55 nationwide locations. We also put on 2- and 3-day training sessions across the nation. Find one near you.

If the supplier you choose to work with doesn’t take the time to educate you and your crew on the new products, capabilities, or potential hazards, how would you ever know you’re set up for failure?
Most don’t know the questions they need to ask, and not all suppliers take the time to say, “Here are the things you need to know about SPF Rigs and equipment.”

What Can You Do to Ensure You’ve Got the Equipment and Knowledge You Need for Success?

IDI’s Trusted Solution:
At IDI Distributors, we cannot wait to guide you through the process of investing in an insulation rig and educating you on the best practices for success! Throughout the next few weeks, we will be laying out the details of buying a rig and what to expect during the ownership of your rig.

To Get Started, Read Our Rig Series:
I want to spell out certain options, and how certain things can limit your company’s capabilities, as well as describe what can go wrong! This campaign will be successful if entrepreneurs leave with a clear expectation of what it takes to be profitable in the SPF business.

We will be highlighting the details of every subsystem of a rig, and how the complete system works when done correctly. Specifically, how these things can increase profitability and shorten the ROI on your new investment.

We will also be diving into specific rig and trailer figures to show you how important some of these considerations can be. What if your company could generate 10-15% more revenue based on these considerations? This could drastically improve the chances of your business being successful.

Contact your local IDI today to get an idea of what equipment you’ll need for the type of contract work you’ll be performing. And take a look at our custom rig options today to get a feel for what you need.

By: Aaron Franzen (Spray Foam Equipment Manager) and Chelsea Whitley (Spray Foam Equipment Product & Solutions Manager)

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