Are you ready to invest in an SPF rig or trailer? We hope you’re feeling more confident now that you’ve read the majority of our mini-series. This last blog will cover a variety of SPF topics to ensure you’re thoroughly informed before you start shopping.

I’ve laid out a few last-minute considerations you can review to ensure you’re ready to buy! Take a quick look and contact our insulation experts today with any questions you may have. We want to help you make the best decision for your business, budget and the type of jobs you’ll be performing!

How Much is a Spray Foam Rig?

Spray foam rigs can cost anywhere from $70,000 to $140,000, depending on the equipment included in the trailer. Due to the regular fluctuation in equipment costs, this range will change over time. If you’ve been following this mini-series, you probably already know that the cost can also vary depending on your business’s needs. For a precise cost estimate, we recommend reaching out to a professional spray foam rig supplier.

Spray Foam Rig Financing

If you’re a small business with a tight budget, you may want to consider in-house spray foam rig financing to support your investment. We’re proud to offer this additional support to qualified businesses that want to expand. At IDI, those who qualify for financing may access 90-day deferred payments or a 6-month payment process, allowing you to better manage your cash flow and increase your ROI.

Questions You Should Ask When Looking To Save On Spray Foam Insulation Rig Costs

Does your supplier have a local branch to support you?

Having local support and expertise available can be incredibly important when it comes to troubleshooting equipment failures, replacing parts or just stocking up on necessary products and materials. Do you have somewhere you can get supplies such as PPE, spare parts, chemicals and solvents?

Choose a local insulation supplier that carries a wide breadth of products and can provide you with fast deliveries to your job site.

Does your rig supplier have technical support?

Spray foam rig costs weigh heavily on businesses that are experiencing an abundance of downtime. Downtime on a job means no money. With your bottom line in mind, it’s imperative to have a reliable supplier. If you travel from location to location, techs strategically placed across the country will be able to help when problems do arise. Avoid missed deadlines by having fast, reliable support for every minor issue and large-scale replacement.

It’s also equally important to have a local supplier who can provide on-call expertise, either over the phone or in person. You’ll save time, money and resources by having an expert on your side to help you move past any issues fast to avoid costly downtime and missed deadlines.

Will you get training?

Training can make a world of a difference when it comes to project quality and the longevity of your rig. So, make sure to ask your rig supplier what training will look like for you and your crew. Ask yourself these important questions:

  • Do they offer training when you purchase the rig?
  • Does your rig supplier offer training before you purchase the rig?
  • What about support after you purchase the rig?

How IDI Can Support You Before And After Your Rig Purchase

Choose a supplier who is with you for the long haul, not just the rig sale. Choose someone who will support you and wants to see your business grow.

At IDI, we offer top-notch training sessions for you and your crew when you purchase your spray foam rig. After you purchase a rig, we’ll send an SPF technician out to your location or job site to get you comfortable with your equipment and confident in your spraying capabilities. We also have training events throughout the year where you can come in and get information on how to save money and keep your business profitable.

Last but not least, at IDI, we value our customers and focus on the long-term relationship. We continue to support you and help your business grow from year to year with industry best-practice trainings, on-call support and a leading supply of insulation materials and equipment. Our goal is to help you and your crew get the best yields and grow your business capabilities so you can take on more work!

Invest in the Best Rig or Trailer for Your Business

Before you choose your rig:
Learn more about our custom or basic spray foam rigs and use our experts as your guide in this investment. Contact your local IDI experts to discuss options, and work with our team to understand which rig is best for your business!

By: Ken Allison, Director of Business Development

Ken specializes in business development and building science. You can find him at any of our training events around the country helping local contractors grow their business. Contact your local rep about the next training event near you to hear Ken’s advice first-hand.

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