Can Your Customers Actually Make Money by Letting You Fix Their Buildings? – Yes!

If you insulate and air seal commercial buildings of any size, the 179D program can not only cover the cost of the upgrade for your customers, but in some cases, they actually come out ahead. In fact, they may come out cash positive after the first year. In this month’s podcast and blog, we check out a new tool from a company that’s committed to helping you show customers how their project may qualify.

Earlier this year we dove into the 179D and how it offers up to $5.00 per square foot in tax incentives to cut energy usage in commercial buildings. This is a huge incentive to fix leaky buildings. If you missed this 179D content, simply go to the IDI resources tab on our website and click on the blog, podcast, or ultimate guide to the IRA page.

So, let’s jump right into this great online rebate estimator that was developed by Apollo Energies. In short, the incentive evaluator simply shows your customer an estimated total of the rebate, tax write-off, energy savings, and depreciation they could get based on improvements made to their commercial building. It is easy to fill out and provides a percentage of energy savings based on the modeling software Apollo Energies uses as a third party to verify improvements for federal and state rebates or incentives. Since the tool is so visual, we used this month’s podcast (which is also a V-cast), to walk through how to use the tool, and shared this link, so you can utilize it for your business.

The 179D rebate is not only complex, but it also requires third party verification. This estimator though, provides an easy to understand, visual platform to show your clients how their energy upgrades can be financially beneficial. In fact, when I used the calculator, for most of the buildings I tried, the upgrades more than paid for themselves. In short, it’s a quick overview of whether a project is worth pursuing.

If you plan to do any commercial retrofits at all, you owe it to yourself to pull up the tool and give it a try. Simply go the link, request a login, and in less than ten minutes you’ll see how this can help show customers that there’s never been a better time to fix their building envelope.

For more information on the calculator, the 179D program, or any of the products we carry, reach out to your local branch, or any of us at IDI, where we look forward to earning your business every day.

Written by IDI’s Business Development Manager, Ken Allison.


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