Doing the Right Thing and Making Good Money Doing It

IDI Distributors just produced the most in-depth video on intumescent coating systems and installing DC315. 


Because it’s far more than a code compliance issue, it is one of the most often missed profit centers and that is why we wanted to make a video filled with tips and tricks on how to increase compliance and make money installing and selling intumescent coatings. 

Most contractors have had bids blown out of the water by less than ethical competitors telling building owners they didn’t need a coating or had code officials in their area who didn’t enforce the code. That may be changing sooner than they think. What many of them haven’t faced yet, is that In several cases, contractors have been forced to go back and install a thermal barrier or intumescent coating at no charge to the building owner. This can be very expensive. Times are changing though. In areas where contractors have started turning in compliance documentation and educating building inspectors compliance is on the rise and so are profits. This is why getting involved with the local building inspectors is critical. Training and documentation is the fastest way to level the playing field, reduce liability, increase safety, and get officials to hold everyone to the same standard. 

Be sure to watch this video. Knowing the tips and tricks of selling and installing DC315 over spray foam is making some contractors a lot of money. This video includes fire demonstrations and lots of selling tips you can use to educate building owners, as well as tips to help your crews install the products profitably.

Every code required product adds cost to a job, but they also add to the bottom line. Selling them and getting people to do the right thing can take a lot of finesse. When competitors mislead consumers, your best bet is to have a great understanding of the law, a policy on how to discuss it, and certifications. As you raise the bar, you will find your company working on better projects, with better owners, and bigger profits.

Coating Solutions From the Experts at IDI

For more information or help to get the documentation/resources you can use to build the intumescent coatings side of your spray foam business, or any other products, please reach out to your local IDI branch or any of us here at the corporate office, where we look forward to earning your business every day.


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