Section 25C Stimulus: Advocating for an Insulation Tax Credit in Stimulus Package

ICAA Needs Your Participation.  The following information comes directly from, Michael Kwart. The Executive Director of the Insulation Contractors Association of America.

Congress is about to consider legislation to help restart the U.S. economy. The energy efficiency industry is advocating for a super-charged 25C tax credit of $2,400 to spur homeowner investment in energy efficiency. Such an incentive will provide a significant jolt to the economy and put energy efficiency professionals who have been sidelined by the pandemic back to work.

Eight hundred contractors, distributors, and manufacturers recently sent a letter to Congress making this point.

Listed below are the Democratic members of the House Ways and Means Committee who have responsibility for writing tax legislation. This month, they will vote on tax measures to promote infrastructure investment. We need these members of Congress to receive emails from businesses in the communities that they represent asking them to support Representative Jimmy Gomez (D-California) in his efforts to attach to this legislation a 25C tax credit that covers 30 percent of eligible efficiency improvements up to $2,400.


The current 25C tax credit gives homeowners a tax credit for making energy efficiency upgrades to their homes. The credit covers 10 percent of the cost of insulation up to $500. Homeowners can only use this credit once and it is limited to the cost of materials. Rep. Gomez is proposing to lift the one-time use limitation, and increase the credit to 30 percent of the cost of insulation material and labor up to $2,400.

What To Do

  1. Review the “target house member chart” below and identify any member(s) that represents a District/community where your business is located or is in your service territory
  2. Send an email to the staffer identified for that member of Congress
  3. Use draft email template. Modify or personalize it how you see fit
  4. Stay narrowly focused on how the retrofit market for insulation has been negatively impacted by the pandemic
  5.  Stay narrowly focused on the 25C tax credit ask of $2,400

Draft Email For You To Use

Dear ___________:

Please let Rep. (inset your Target House Member’s name here) know that I would like their support for a proposal that Rep. Jimmy Gomez is championing as part of the House infrastructure tax package to increase the tax credit for homeowner energy efficiency upgrades to 30 percent of eligible expenses up to $2,400. My understanding is that the House Ways and Means Committee is currently developing this tax package and he is working hard to get this provision included.

My business is located in your district (provide additional detail re: numbers employed, market served, or years in business). The pandemic has had a severe impact on the market for existing home energy efficiency improvements like insulation (add specific detail about impact of the economic shutdown on your residential retrofit business). This expanded tax credit is sized to jump start this sector of the energy efficiency business. That means restored jobs in our communities and more comfortable homes that are cheaper to heat and cool.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your Name

Target House Member Chart

Sewell AL 7 D – Evan Giesemann [email protected]
Chu CA 27 D – Caitlin Kovalkoski [email protected]
Gomez CA 34 D – Samuel Negatu [email protected]
Panetta CA 20 D – Mark Dennin [email protected]
Sanchez CA 38 D – Melissa Kiedrowicz [email protected]
Thompson, Mike CA 5 D – Crozer Connor [email protected]
Larson, John CT 1 D – Nancy Perry [email protected]
Murphy, S FL 7 D – Jeffrey Rapp or John Laufer [email protected][email protected]
Lewis, John GA 5 D – Jamila Thompson [email protected]
Davis, Danny IL 7 D – Yul Edwards or Jill Hunter-Williams [email protected][email protected]
Schneider IL 10 D – Vic Goetz [email protected]
Kildee MI 5 D – Alison Share [email protected]
Horsford NV 4 D – Lavontae Brooks [email protected]
Higgins NY 26 D – Lyndsey Barnes [email protected]
Souzzi NY 3 D – Conor Walsh or Steven Peterson [email protected][email protected]
Blumenaur OR 3 D – Jon Bosworth [email protected]
Boyle PA 2 D – Carly Fame [email protected]
Evans, Dwight PA 3 D – Jayme Holliday [email protected]
Doggett TX 35 D – Dan Smith [email protected]
Beyer VA 8 D – Zach Cafritz [email protected]
DelBene WA 1 D – Kyle Hill [email protected]
Kind WI 3 D – Alex Eveland [email protected]
Moore, G WI 4 D – Caroline Frauman [email protected]


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