When was the last time you checked the road restrictions and regulations in your area? Every year new safety measures are approved, or a county changes approvals based on a newer concern. Unfortunately, some people tend to find out about new rules, the wrong way.

Road restrictions are usually legislative in nature, and put in place in order to protect our roads. In states like Minnesota, where frost runs deep, there are restrictions in place for certain weights, and during certain times of the year, these restrictions are meant to protect gravel and asphalt roads while ice is turning to moisture beneath. When heavy vehicles, (like construction equipment) drive on certain roads, during particular times of year, heavy damage can occur. As much as road restrictions can be frustrating, they protect our roads and reduce the number of repairs…which are equally frustrating! The important thing to remember is the dates, and where your state is enforcing road restrictions.

Since states, counties, and municipalities, often have different requirements. Here are a few resources you may find helpful to understand what road restrictions are in place in your service area.

  1. 511 is a phone number you can call in most states. Of course that will likely be a computer, but with some minor keypad directing, you should be able to find the information you’re looking for.
  2. You can also go to the National Weather Service to find the road restriction websites for most states.
  3. DOT websites for your state can be comprehensive, but most of them give broad level start and end dates for road restrictions.
  4. Local county/township websites will dig deeper into the local rules and regulations, and are a good idea to check before sending crews outside your normal service area.

Train your crews to obey all federal, state, and local regulations as you are out working this Spring. Stay safe, protect your roads, and don’t get hit with any steep fines!

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