The Best Way to Save Money While Performing a Chemical Changeover

Switching from open-cell spray foam to closed-cell spray foam can be a headache. More importantly, it gets expensive when done incorrectly. Here’s a simple, easy to install tool that eliminates the headache, and saves you a lot of money every time.

Changing from one density of spray foam to another is often done by using one product to push out the other. This makes lots of bad foam. Sometimes installers will raise up the transfer pump, sucking up air that creates an air pocket to separate the two materials. While these work, they include risks you shouldn’t be taking. When pushing one product out with the other, you can’t really tell where one ends and the other begins. You risk contaminating a very expensive new set or wasting lots of product if you stop prematurely.

So, how much money could you save? Quite a bit by using this process to avoid ruining a new set of foam. Even when you don’t contaminate another set, if you do one changeover a week (approximately 2 gallons lost) for 52 weeks (104 gallons year) that’s a full set of SPF! Not to mention the labor and disposal. When all this can be prevented by adding this inexpensive device to your rig.

Make sure you reach out to your local IDI branch and get a changeover tool coming your way (Part # KAAP-010). IDI even has Spray Foam Techs that can help over the phone or come out to help with the install or a trial run so you’re comfortable making changeovers in the future. With pricing high and margins tightening it’s crucial you’re making sure the material you’ve purchased is being sprayed on a project, and not getting purged into a trash can. For more information on this, our equipment, or any of the products we carry, reach out to IDI, where we look forward to earning your business every day.


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