New Graco Product Distribution, Spray Foam Rigs, and Product Brochures

Our mission at IDI has always been to provide our customers with the service, support, and products they need to succeed. We’re thrilled to kick off the new year with some exciting announcements for our spray foam customers that will allow us to carry out that mission in new and improved ways.

Announcing IDI as an Authorized Graco Spray Foam Equipment Distributors

IDI is now an authorized graco distributor

At IDI, we understand that parts and equipment are just as important as material, which is why we’ve become a top-level Graco Distributor for SPF equipment. Graco is a world leader in fluid handling systems and components. Their spray foam equipment is of the highest quality and we are proud to be able to provide this brand to our customers.

With more than 40 branch locations, IDI is now your one stop shop for Graco parts and products. With our ability to stock parts locally, our customers can rest easy knowing that IDI can provide parts in a timely manner. Whether we add parts to your material delivery or you pick them up at your local branch, our process is designed to save you time and money.

Not to mention IDI spray foam technicians have a combined total of over 75 years of experience — meaning we can give you the product expertise and technical support you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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Further Serving Our Spray Foam Customers

SPF Rig Standards Guide

Our team of industry experts has put together some SPF Rig Standards to help guide customers as they begin the process of purchasing a rig. These standards outline certain legal, functional, and safety aspects that are crucial to succeeding in the SPF industry. When a consumer purchases a new car, that car has met certain standards as outlined by agencies like the DOT or the Auto Alliance. There is no similar governing body in our industry to protect SPF customers from buying unsafe or ineffective foam equipment, so we hope these standards will help guide new SPF businesses away from making costly mistakes.

Spray Foam Rigs

At IDI we work to build strong relationships with premier vendors to provide our customers with quality, affordable products, and we are proud to now offer Spray Foam Rigs in our product listings. Our line will include a 16’ Standard rig (available in gas or shore power), 16’ Premium (gas or diesel), and 20’ or 28’ Gooseneck or Box Truck options. Also new for 2017 will be the R2 E-30 Mobile Cart. For more information talk to your local rep.

SPF Parts and Equipment Brochure

IDI customers can also expect a new SPF Parts and Equipment brochure in early 2017 where you will easily be able to find information about the following products:

  • Spray Foam Guns, Gun Parts, Gun Kits
  • Common Proportioner Replacement Parts
  • Transfer Pumps, Kits, Supply Hoses, Agitators
  • Displacement Pumps, Kits
  • Heated Hoses and Parts
  • Electrical Components, Sensors
  • Intumescent Coating Equipment and Parts
  • Spray Foam Rigs

Stay tuned for more details on our website and in our upcoming SPF Parts and Equipment brochure.

Please contact your local IDI Representative for more details, and we look forward to continuing to support our customers with the best products, support, and service available in the insulation industry.

By Aaron Franzen

Aaron works for IDI as the Spray Foam Equipment Manager. For more information about spray foam rigs, equipment, and the benefits of using genuine Graco parts click here to find and contact your local rep >


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