R-Value Podcast

Episode 19

Contracting Gold Stars with Larry Zarker and John Jones of BPI

No matter what line of work you’re in you’d like to be given a gold star, by your industry and certainly by your customer. Who is setting the standards for what qualifies as world-class building and contracting? Host Ken Allison welcomes Larry Zarker and John Jones of BPI, the Building Performance Institute to discuss how BPI formulated the training and qualifications that make up its GoldStar Contractor status and how that status can lead to better building and more customers.

BPI Certified Professionals solve home and building owners’ trickiest problems. BPI offers certifications, standards, and programs (BPI GoldStar Contractor, Rater, and Product Listing). For business owners, BPI enhances your offerings to meet the real needs of homeowners. BPI is the source for certified contractors working on home energy efficiency, comfort, durability, health, and safety.

Ken Allison

Episode 18

Blow Up Your Profit Margins with Chris Fuerst Materials

On today’s show the focus shifts from spray foam to blown fiberglass insulation. And no one knows it better than Chris Fuerst, IDI’s Fiberglass Equipment and Sales Rep. Chris has a decade of experience in the industry but just recently joined IDI in 2020. 

Don and Travis discuss every facet of blown insulation operations with Chris, and his knowledge and experience are clear. He explains about making the decision of what type of machine you need for your specific purpose and just how many different aspects of the job you have to take into consideration. He also goes into detail on proper application, machine setup, getting the longest life out of your equipment, troubleshooting, maintenance, training and how to get achieve the best coverage and highest profit.

And don’t miss Don’s Hannibal Lecter impression!

Don Clymer, Travis Pankake

Episode 17

Innovation and Ethics with Carlisle Construction Materials

Carlisle Construction Materials is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of premium building products and related technologies for the commercial and residential construction markets, and they are IDI’s longest spray foam partner. Today, Travis and Don welcome not just one, but FOUR guests from Carlisle to talk about a wide range of topics.

The group discusses the aftermath of Covid on the overall industry and what bright spots have remained. They also delve into building code, enforcement, new product lines, training, marketing, the future of HFO’s, and how playing by the rules pays off. They also look into the crystal ball for 2021 and what they see for the road ahead.

Don Clymer, Travis Pankake

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