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IDI carries a wide variety of insulation products that will help your business insulate buildings as efficiently and effectively as possible. SWD Urethane manufactures a wide product line including over 30 polyurethane and polyurea products – contact your local rep to learn which product is right for your job.

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OC Quik-Shield 108

If you are looking to increase your yield and efficiency, while still getting a great quality of open-cell foam, then the OC Quik-Shield 108 is right for you. Density is crucial to getting a good yield, as the foams that are less dense have greater yields. The Quik-Shield 108 has a density of only .4 pounds per cubic foot, which helps it to yield 22,000 – 24,000 board feet per set.

  • Stay safer with the Long-Range Application, which lets you spray a roof deck without needing ladders or scaffolding.
  • Reduce callbacks or adhesion and cohesion issues. Get a reliable spray every time with the superior adhesion and expansion compared to other open-cell foams.

OC Quik-Shield 106

The Quik-Shield 106 produces a foam that is consistent under almost any condition. It’s the most applicator-friendly open-cell foam on the market, as it provides high quality, a great yield, and is simple and easy to use. Make things simpler on yourself while still getting a great finished product with the Quik-Shield 106.

  • An industry-leading re-entry time of just one hour means that you don’t need to shut down the job site for a day.
  • Cover up to 20,000 board feet per set with our high yields and lower board foot costs.

OC Quik-Shield 108YM

The “Yield Monster” from Quik-Sheild is the latest generation of ultra-low density foam from SWD. Featuring a new easier to mix, process, and install formula it also yields 39% more than traditional open-cell foam. Formulated to improve the four most important aspects of the job site: Yield, Efficiency, Safety/Risk, and Quality.

  • New technology makes this an industry leading product designed to shrink your costs on materials and labor.
  • Lower density equals greater yield – up to 26,000 board feet per set of material.
  • More board footage for the same amount of material means improved efficiency for you and your equipment.
  • 1-Hour Reentry  and long-range application capabilities
  • Impressive quality ensures fewer touch-ups and reduces callbacks.

OC Quik-Shield 10oX

Although the Appendix X foams have a bad reputation amongst contractors due to poor adhesion, poor yields, and the tendency to cause equipment failures, you can put those fears to side with the Quik-Shield 100x. The Quik-Shield 100x gives you the superior foam quality that SWD provides along with fire protection that can be used for easy building inspections.

  • The Quik-Shield 100X is specifically engineered to overcome the common application issues that occur in Appendix X foams. You’ll spend less time stopping to deal with equipment issues or fix areas with voids, which adds to the overall efficiency of your project.
  • Quik-Shield 100X is AC377 approved. You no longer need an additional ignition barrier when you install in attics and crawl spaces, and you can apply the foam in a single-step application.

OC Quik-Shield 112XC

The Quik-Shield 112XC meets all common residential and commercial specifications, making it the ultimate tool for both commercial and residential construction projects. The commercial-grade quality along with the one hour re-entry times allow you to make sure the job is done both effectively and efficiently.

  • The Quik-Shield 112XC is the best cold-weather foam. With the lowest application temperature of any closed-cell foam on the market, you can apply this foam in temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit!
  • Quik-Shield 112XC has received the GREENGUARD Gold Certification, which is their highest standard. These products are safe and healthy for all indoor environments, along with environmentally friendly.

OC Quik-Shield 112

If you are looking for an economical spray foam solution, then the CC Quik-Shield 112 is what you need. This applicator-friendly closed-cell spray foam is designed to work for both residential and commercial applications, and features such as the 1-hour re-entry, a fast front-end reaction that lays the system down smoothly, and more make this a smart choice for any spray foam insulation applicator.

  • The Quik-Shield 112 is simple to use, economical, and has a 4” lift capability that will save you time. This will help you save time by filling an entire wall cavity all at once, rather than having to wait for the foam to cool.
  •  As a GREENGUARD Gold Certified system, the Quik-Shield 112 has been tested and proven to be safe and healthy for indoor environments

OC Quik-Shield 118

The Quik-Shield 118 is engineered to get the most out of the four most important factors to your job site: efficiency, yield, quality, and safety. This closed-cell spray foam will reduce your labor, material, and overhead costs in order to deliver you the lowest cost installed.

  • Be more efficient than ever before. The Quik-Shield 118 can spray an 8” lift all at once, which will give you up to 50% faster install speeds.
  • With only 1.8 pcf, the Quik-Shield 118 has the lowest density of any medium-density foam, which yields you 10% more than the 2-pound density foams currently do. Spray more foam using the same amount of material, and don’t sacrifice any R-value as you do it.

CC Quik-Shield 180

For those who need a reliable agricultural spray foam application, the Quik-Shield 180-2 is the perfect spray foam for you. This high-performance foam provides exceptional contractor value to you and your project.

  • This effective insulating material creates a seamless air barrier, meaning that no ignition barrier is needed.
  •  Get an industry leading yield with no application odor and virtually no gun clogs.

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