GRACO Fusion Clearshot (CS)

Get spray foam technology that keeps your spray foam warm and your mixing chamber clear. The Fusion CS comes with ClearShot Technology that sets this model from other GRACO fusion gun models. It is poised to virtually eliminate drilling of the mix chamber, increasing your spraying uptime and decreasing maintenance. The quick-change front allows you to swap out fluid heads in seconds, keeping jobs on schedule. Versatile for both a polyurea and polyurethane foam application, the Fusion Clearshot gun provides you with the advantage of being able to perform multiple functions for one project.

  • New technology comprised of ClearShot Liquid and disposable, non-reusable ClearShot Cartridge
  • Removes foam and keeps mix chamber clear
  • Saves almost an hour of maintenance time each spray day
  • First-ever liquid purge – reduces purge air by 75% and minimizes foam blowback
  • Easy-to-insert cartridge fits into ergonomic handle
  • Variable flow – an industry first
    • First plural-component gun with variable flow
    • Switch from large to small spray patterns in seconds
    • Gives you more maneuverability to spray in small, tight areas
    • Ten different settings
  • Quick-change front – simpler and cleaner
    • Swap out fluid heads in seconds
    • Non-stick polymer cover keeps gun head cleaner
    • “Air knife” reduces material build-up
    • Fast and simple change-outs put an end to lengthy interruptions and keep jobs on schedule
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