Keep sound out while increasing year-round comfort with fiberglass batt solutions from Fiberglass has been the most widely used insulation for decades, and with good reason. Fiberglass is the most economical and efficient way to insulate without creating other problems like settling or trapping vapor in a structure. The product is easy to install and can be used in almost every application.


Does Not Settle

Fiberglass fibers act link tiny springs constantly pressing against each other and have passed multiple strenuous tests to demonstrate their ability to remain in place over the life of the structure.

Easy to install

Crews love fiberglass over other fibrous insulation products because it has far less dust and is easy to handle. It causes less stress on equipment and also for the installers.


In both commercial and residential construction, fiberglass can be used for almost any project. It performs great in fire testing, is low VOC, and is considered one of the most environmentally safe products available.

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Spray Foam

At IDI, spray foam insulation is our specialty. Using spray foam insulation can provide your residential and commercial projects with an airtight seal that decreases energy costs & increases sustainability. We offer high-performing spray foam brands that focus on efficiency and a higher R-value. Find a solution that works best for you.


Improved structural integrity

Closed-cell spray foam insulation helps your job site stand up to the elements of nature with added frame support.

Higher R-value

The higher the heat resistance, the greater the performance. Plus it addresses all forms of thermal transfer including: Conduction, Radiation, & Convection.

Better air quality

Reduces air infiltration and gives greater control over the building envelope

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Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is one of the fastest-growing insulation products. IDI supplies the best mineral wools products made from sustainable and recycled materials This environmentally-friendly alternative does not compromise your R-value, providing fire resistance to temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit while resisting mold, controlling noise and limiting interior air flow.



Made from recycled material & promotes low carbon emissions.

Withstands extreme heat

Resists flame spread and retains its shape.


Easily manipulated to fit around outlets and other obstacles.

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Continuous Insulation

Architects, code officials, and designers are moving insulation to the outside of buildings and where it is not broken up by framing members. Continuous insulation eliminates thermal bridging and can be installed on the inside or the outside of a building. IDI offers premium continuous insulation brands that focus on higher R-value and increased efficiency. Browse our wide selection of industry-leading products.


Reduced thermal bridging

Framing can comprise up to 30% of a wall and offers little or no insulative value. Having a layer of continuous insulation on the inside or outside of the building insulates 100% of the building except for the windows and doors.

Efficiently installed

Designing with CI can reduce the need for increased wall sizes in order to meet the R-values required by code.

Decreased Load & Mechanical Savings

CI can make buildings so efficient that they reduce the mechanical load on a building to the point that the mechanical systems need downsizing. Not only does this reduce operating costs, but it can lower build costs substantially.

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Metal Building Insulation

Building energy codes have changed the way we insulate metal building structures. With high-R insulation systems, we are helping our customers meet energy codes and to deliver energy-efficient structures. The IDI sales team is well trained in the various insulation solution and can help advise our customer to make the right decisions in selecting the right energy solution for your metal building.


Reduced thermal bridging

In the past metal building insulation was pulled tight and compressed at each purlins and girts. This compression resulted in the decline of the effective R-value of the insulation. Today we have several solutions that reduce thermal bridging and maximize the effectiveness of the fiberglass insulation

Reduced Air Flow

Blower door testing has shown that properly installed metal building insulation can create a highly effective air barrier. By reducing and regulating airflow the building owner can more effectively regulate interior building temperatures.

Attractive interior finishes

Today’s insulation facings are specifically designed for the end-use of the building. They provide a durable and attractive finish, but also act as an air barrier, and help to reduce condensation.

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IDI offers the best firestop products providing 1, 2, and even 3 hour UL rated assemblies. Whether it’s sprays, caulks, putty pads, pillows, or any of the other systems, IDI has the products, and we have the technical help you need to get your engineering judgments so you get done on time.


Fast engineering judgements

IDI works with suppliers that know you can’t wait 3 days – two weeks for a piece of paper that says you did it right. Most of our EJ’s are less than a 24-hour turnaround and many come before the EOD.

Reduces smoke damage

For years contractors have had to use super expensive products for more challenging applications. IDI works with STI and other vendors who offer less expensive and faster solutions to save you time and money.

More than just red stuff

All products we carry are tested and can be labeled on the job site. This is not just red caulking, this is true, tested, intumescent products with over 1400 UL listings.

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