What Is a Spray Foam Rig Setup and Why Should You Have One?

A spray foam rig is a mobile manufacturing plant that doubles as a workstation, while being able to be pulled right up to your work site. Functioning as a base for your workers and a mobile plant for mixing spray foam, a rig can skyrocket your work efficiency if done right.

Setting up your rig with the correct features, configuration and equipment is a key component for operating out of a trailer smoothly. Certain features can affect the foam quality itself while other components may give your team the ability to operate more quickly. That’s why Spray Foam Rig Setups are so important!

You don’t have to shoulder the burden of making all your spray foam trailer setup decisions yourself. Starting with this article, you’ll know what questions to ask. After that, contact the IDI experts and get started.

Trailer Configurations

There are three standard sizes of spray foam trailers.

  • The 16-foot tag-along trailer is versatile. At a reasonable price, it’s great for smaller businesses performing mid-level new-model construction, retrofits, remodels and additions. It also provides adequate space for light commercial work.
  • 20-foot trailers are the most popular option, accommodating most generators and machine styles.
  • The gooseneck trailer is the largest option. Requiring a fifth-wheel truck, the larger axles and a sturdy base allow the rig to carry more weight. IDI’s premium model has the addition of three-barrel braces to hold enough supplies for larger jobs. IDI offers both stock packages and customized trailers for whatever your insulation needs might be.


When you’re planning your spray foam trailer setup, the right equipment is key to making good foam. Functioning as a mobile plant, the right setup will keep your projects running like a well-oiled machine. Reading through the essential equipment and considerations to make while completing your trailer setup will help ensure you’re going to your next project with what you need in tow.

Heated Hoses

Fast, uniform heat maintaining the temperature of the spray foam chemicals as they make their way to the gun is a critical part of creating high-quality foam. Heated hose options include temperature monitoring technology and different sizes based on length needs.

Spray Guns

IDI offers a variety of spray foam insulation guns at different price points. While spray guns don’t take up much room, they can make a huge impact on your business. Different gun varieties allow you to get into tighter spots for better foam coverage and decrease the downtime needed to assemble your gun on the job site. Depending on your project needs and variation, your spray foam trailer setup might require multiple kinds of spray guns.

Drum Heaters

Designed to keep your spray foam components at the right temperature, no matter how full your barrel is, drum heaters come with temperature monitoring that is sure to give you peace of mind.

Proportioners and Reactors

What is your desired output? Are your jobs for foam and coatings or just foam? Choosing the right proportioner for your spray foam trailer setup is important. It’s vital not to over or under-invest. IDI stocks proportioners and reactors with enough output capacity to cover industrial-level jobs and those that are suitable for residential remodels.

Jobsite Materials

All IDI rigs come standard with these parts making sure that you’re ready to take on your next project as soon as you’re on the road!

Transfer Pumps

A transfer pump is required to feed chemicals into your proportioner. When rigging a trailer with a transfer pump, the desired output, material viscosity, height of the trailer interior and available air pressure are considered.


Many products in your spray foam rig trailer setup require compressed air. Be sure that your rig is outfitted with a continuous-run compressor. The power source may be another important consideration.


All IDI rigs come standard with a generator, though some contractors may choose a different model. If you’re choosing a generator for your rig, consider all the equipment you will be powering, the weight of the power source and the weight load capacity of your trailer.

Air Dryer

Properly dried air is fundamental to keeping moisture-sensitive spray foam components viable. Standard dryers typically can handle inlet temperatures of around 100° F.  This is hot enough for most rotary screw air compressors.

However, piston or reciprocating air compressors exceed that temperature unless there is a separate aftercooler. If you want to effectively use a standard dryer with a piston air compressor, your dryer needs to handle twice the amount of CFM (the air produced by the compressor).

Sizing a dryer to match with a compressor is not simple. Contact the IDI team for help choosing the correct dryer for your compressor and rig.

Fresh Air System

Critical to improving air quality and keeping your crew safe from the hazardous fumes that spray foam chemicals can release, the fresh air system in IDI rigs complies with safety regulations and guidelines.

AC Unit

An AC unit isn’t just a luxury. With all the heated components at play to create spray foam, AC is vital for keeping the spray foam materials at the correct temps and the workspace in your rig cool enough for safe working conditions.

Safety Tips

When you’re a business owner, you don’t like to dwell on things going wrong. Having the right safety equipment can let you move on from worrying. And if something should happen, you’ll be ready for any emergency. Visit IDI’s safety equipment page to outfit your rig with the necessary equipment to keep your team covered.

  • Fire Extinguishers: Keep a minimum of two five-pound fire extinguishers in an accessible location in case of emergency. Make sure they’re not expired and ABC approved.
  • Emergency Eye Wash: Hands-free options are best as they allow you to hold your eyes open to wash out chemicals or debris.
  • Material Bracing: Keeping your drums in place, material bracing typically consists of metal racks attached to the outer wall of your rig. Chemical drums are fitted into the barrel nests and ratcheted down tight so they’ll stay in place while you’re on the move.
  • Electrical Wiring: Workmanship and proper coding is important when setting up electrical in your rig. All outlets should be GFCI. Consider both lighting and your auxiliary power needs when setting up wiring in your rig.
  • Ventilated Air: No matter what the temperature outside may be, keeping your spray foam rig ventilated is a key component to keeping your team safe from vapors and contaminants.

Get the Perfect Setup with IDI

There’s a lot to consider when deciding on a spray foam trailer setup. Work with the IDI team to create the perfect rig for your business needs. From modest trailers with basic components to 28-foot rigs built for industrial jobs, we help with it all.

Contact the IDI team to get started building your spray foam trailer setup today.


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