The Opportunities That Lie in Sealing Home Air Leaks

Lots of people give bids on blowing in insulation, but few of them emphasize the need for home air sealing and bid it as a separate line item. Anyone can run a blow machine, but few building owners, if any, understand how to professionally find and seal air leaks in order to truly make a building perform. This is why IDI decided to break down the process in our five-part video series where we discuss tips and tricks on how to show and sell the benefits of removal, air sealing, and replacement.

How to Explain the Importance of Air Sealing to Homeowners

We hope by now you’ve had the chance to watch the videos in last month’s newsletter on testing and removal. This month’s video is on the high-margin opportunity of air sealing outlets and attics. In fact, there is a compelling part of the video you could use to sell customers on paying you to air seal the outlets in their homes. (Or you could tear open a wall like we did and make one with your guys doing it!)

A demonstration of airflow patterns through a house with air leaks in the attic.
A demonstration of airflow patterns through a house with air leaks in the attic.

Splitting out home air sealing as a separate line item gives you an opportunity to explain to the building owner that it is the most important piece of the home-comfort puzzle. It allows you to show them graphics that demonstrate the “Stack Effect,” visually reinforcing why air sealing insulation should be their top concern.

Talking about home air sealing easily segways into the topic of old insulation, which provides an opportune moment to explain to your customer why the service charge is twice as much for us to be crawling around old, itchy, infested insulation, as opposed to going around a clean attic and sealing up the areas that were found using infrared.

Why Home Air Sealing Should Be Left to the Pros

We use both gun foam and disposable kits while giving out tips on selling and installing. While the video demonstrates how to seal an attic, notice the use of a full-face respirator. I want to point out that the respirator doesn’t just provide protection from fumes, it also reinforces that this is a process the homeowner really does not want to be involved in.

Not only do the homeowners not know how to find air leaks, but in order to get the job done right, they’ll need proper protection and tools that they most likely don’t own. When home air sealing, homeowners aren’t usually aware of the exposure to chemicals or the mess that it takes to secure the leaks, let alone the number of moon suits we go through during the process. As industry leaders, we want to be doing whatever it takes to properly seal a home. There is more to sealing air leaks than homeowners may think, and when they see our price, we want them thinking about why we should be doing it and not them.

Up Next: How to Keep Earning Business

Our next video in the series will be on re-insulating, blowing equipment, and wrapping up the whole selling process. Check out the monthly specials that go along with this video, or take a look at our upcoming series of training. We are always adding new information and ways we can help you grow your business. For more information on this or any of our products, reach out to your local branch or contact us here. We look forward to earning your business every day.


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