What is the National Home Performance Conference, and Should You Consider Going?

If you haven’t been, or it’s been a few years, this is a show that was once focused mainly on weatherization. That said, over the last three years, the National Home Performance Conference (NHPC) has become the premier event for contractors doing energy retrofits both inside or outside of rebates and programs. Rather than being a specific industry trade show, the NHPC has focused on hosting some of the best educational tracts that benefit “for profit” contractors as well as program contractors and municipalities. The latest event in Seattle had over 200 educational sessions on everything from marketing, blower doors & air sealing, to building science, indoor air quality, and attracting new employees.

What did IDI contractors think of the 2023 NHPC? We met several at this year’s event and asked them to share their thoughts in our live update from the show, which you can find in the video above. In fact, contractors that partner with IDI had such a great experience, they were still sharing their excitement with us after the show. For example, we received this note from long time IDI contractor Cary C.

“I’ve been to a number of Home Performance Conferences, but this year’s was the best! Excellent demonstrations of new technologies that are headed for our industry. The classes were beyond my expectations. I’m already planning to go to next year’s conference. Great things are happening in our industry and this conference highlighted the way forward for our us.”

The NHPC is put on by the Building Performance Association and brought in about 2,500 attendees at this year’s show. BPA’s CEO, Steve Skodak, has been instrumental in opening the organization and the educational paths to “for profit” contractors as well as BPA’s heavy lifting during the passing of the inflation Reduction Act. Be sure to check out this month’s R-Value Podcast for our interview with Steve from the show.

If you are looking to gear your company more toward retrofit, or considering adding weatherization or other program work to your company, attending this show would certainly be the place to network and build your knowledge. Next year’s NHPC will be April 8-11, 2024, in Minneapolis, MN. IDI certainly plans to attend, and we hope to see you there!


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