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Get the job done no matter the temperature with these cold weather products from IDI.

Maximize Production & Yield This Winter With Our Cold Winter Spray Foam Accessories

At IDI, we know winter weather can pose a challenge for spray foam contractors. That’s why we’re introducing cold weather products that can make your job much easier and more profitable, even as temperatures drop. Eliminate popping and shrinking and ensure your spray foam chemicals maintain optimal temperatures to maximize yield. Discover cold weather spray foam application equipment that will help you optimize your spray foam application during the cold season.

Barrel Blazer

Keep spray foam at an optimal, consistent temperature with Barrel Blazer. The low-wattage heat source warms the spray foam barrel, keeping the liquid more viscous and easier to spray as needed.

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Sidewinder Drum Heater

The Sidewinder Drum Heater offers consistent drum temperatures during the cold seasons. An integrated temperature controller displays the desired temp and the actual temp so you can adjust as needed.

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Sidewinder Insulated Hose Sleeve/Scuff Guard Kit

Maximize performance with the Sidewinder Insulated Hose Sleeve. This product offers unmatched thermal retention and durability to protect your hoses and connections. When paired with the Sidewinder Drum Heater, you’ll have a winning combo to increase profit and maximize yield.

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IDI sidewinder hose wrap for spray foam insulation

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